Who's going to have cleanest bins in the North East....

We have sold one of our award winning BinWash machines to a shopping centre in the North East of England. We are confident that this machine will meet their needs and will keep their bins clean and fresh. 
BinWash City

Morclean Bin Wash machines are quality-finished entrepreneurial products. Sturdy and engineered to be fully self-contained, the purpose-built wheelie bin cleaning machines make the perfect start-up business or an addition to your current fleet.
Our award-winning Bin Wash City model has seen success around the world; the combination of effective high pressure cleaning and a reduction in costs, fuel usage and CO2 emissions has been an innovative step forward for this industry – providing operators and the community with a smarter, greener, cleaner solution to a dirty problem.
This is the only machine on the market that we know of that has these 5 stages with the bacterial inhibiting device

1: The catchment tray takes out larger items of debris

2: A fine mesh screen [80 mesh/177 microns] filters the water

3: The third filter [20 mesh/871 microns] is situated just before the pump

4: Water in the holding tank passes through a 'blue' washable filter [100 micron nylon mesh]

5: Finally water is filtered through a silver impregnated tube which inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Water is also aerated before it enters the main tank.
The tank of water is re-filtered while the machine is idling. In effect the water gets cleaner and cleaner throughout the day.

For more info on these cleaner, greener solutions to a dirty problem, visit our website  or give us a call on 01246 471147.