Morclean Trailer Mounted Bowser Goes To Local Water Authority

A local water authority have recently purchased a Trailer Mounted Bowser from Morclean. 

Our brilliant Water Bowsers are available in various sizes including 500, 1100 and 2000. 
They are usually made from polypropylene but can be manufactured in steel with the internal surface galvanised for rust protection, and the external surfaces painted in any RAL colour. 

Our Sitemaster Self-Contained Pressure Washer and Water Bowser Steam Cleaner can be used anywhere.  

The following is a list of typical applications where power and water are not always available or convenient. 
However the list below is not exhaustive as we are developing new specifications to meet our clients needs and new applications all the time:
  • Graffiti cleaning and paint removal
  • Patio and drive cleaning
  • Chewing gum removal from paths, pavements and public areas
  • Mobile car valeting and mobile steam cleaning
  • Lorry wash and HGV cleaning on site
  • Quarry, landfill and opencast sites
  • Public WC, bus stop and toilet cleaning
  • Local authorities public areas
  • Fly poster removal
  • Airports and aircraft hangers
  • Shipping ports and docks
  • Exhibition centres and municipal areas
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Play equipment and seating areas
  • Cleaning of Road signs

These SiteMaster Jetters and Mobile Pressure Washers are available in either a Highway or a Plant version:

- The highway bowsers have a road going tow hitch for a ball and socket type tow bar fitted to a road vehicle, and are also fitted with lights, tow hitch, brakes where required and number plate etc.
- The Plant bowsers are the same general design but are fitted with a pin and eye type hitch for connecting to a plant machine type tow hitch and are generally used for site work.

For more information, please visit our website or give us a call on 01246 471147