Want to find out how these affordable machines can earn you up to £165,000 a year?

The Morclean Bin Washers are sturdy and engineered fully self-contained wheeled bin cleaning machines. The machine provides an economical entry into the lucrative bin cleaning market where you could earn up to £165,000 per year from just one machine. A great income for any start up business or entrepreneur. Take a look at our potential earnings table here, to see how simple and easy it is to generate a nice income from these machines.  

With low running costs and a super quick washing process, these machines are perfect for all needs. 
Daily Wheelie Bin Wash Machine, Bin Wash City, Custom Plus 

Our award winning Wheelie Bin Washer Range includes:
  •          Manually-operated single wheelie bin washers
  •          Single axle trailer-mounted wheelie bin cleaner
  •          Twin pick-up mounted system
  •           Automated hydraulic unit

Want to see them in action? Head over to our YouTube channel, where you will find a number of video demonstrations, which will help you get a better idea of just how brilliant these machines are.

As well as automated wheelie bin cleaning machines, we also provide other options of cleaning wheelie bins and water capture. One such innovation is the Bin Cleaning Wash Pad which is a kerbed, PVC water capture pad which collects and contains all the water.

For more in-detail specifications on these machines, please visit our website at www.morclean.co.uk or call our offices today on 01246 471147, where our experienced team will be happy to help you.