Inflatable Wash Pad to go to HM Young Offenders Institution.

A Morclean Inflatable wash pad has been purchased by a HM Young Offenders Institution to be used for training purposes. Offenders will be taught skills such as how to valet cars properly, which will be useful knowledge to have once rehabilitated.  

Morclean Inflatable Wash Pad 

Our inflatable wash pads are a mobile fluid-tight floor and have been developed by Morclean in conjunction with a European manufacturer in response to market demand, resulting from environmental legislation and regulations.
When a business or company currently produces waste water in one way or another, it has to be contained and possibly purified or removed. 

Companies with this responsibility include:
  • Garages
  • Transport companies
  • Valeting companies
  • Car washing or mobile car wash outlets (when washing vehicles)
  • Marinas and boatyards (when hosing down and cleaning boats)
  • Dredging companies (when collecting and purifying sludge etc)
  • The fire brigade (when collecting large quantities of contaminated drain water)
  • Cattle breeders (when collecting water during cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles
And more. 

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