ATEX and other vacs

ATEX vacuums continue to be very popular this week, Morclean have sold a number of them up and down the country!

ATEX and H-type vacs have been selling super fast, from London to just down the road in Sheffield! 

The ATEX certification  means that these machines are suitably equipped for the safe removal of substances that are hazardous to health. This could be any kind of dust that is prone to explosion. The machines are built to a recognised standard that ensures safe use and disposal. This is a hard job to do, and an ATEX approved vac is the safest and easiest way of completing the task. 

The H-Type machines are also very popular, and perform a difficult task of removing dusts that when in contact with people can be hazardous to health. With these dusts there are no risk of them exploding, and that is why these machines are built to a different specification. 

These machines are used across all kinds of work, from yoghurt factories, to chemical producers, to schools and councils, the list is endless! 

If you think yoru company might be in need of one of these fantastic vacs, give Morclean a ring and our prices and customer service will not disappoint!