Port of Tyne wash and reclaim

Morclean have recently installed and commissioned a water reclaim for Port of Tyne, in the North East
Water Reclaim Systems can be used in conjunction with commercial or forecourt brush and jet wash machines, or in conjunction with a Morclean Screen Wash System, Gantry Wash System or Wheel Wash System unit. The plant generally consists of stainless steel tanks mounted to a common base plate.


Water Reclaim Systems
All reclaim systems require a 3 stage interceptor. If the water needs to be treated in any way an oversized interceptor is used to allow the water to be pre-treated while it is still in the interceptor. Underground or above ground interceptors are available depending on the site’s requirements.

Morclean offer a unique bespoke design and build service and our team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and advise accordingly depending on water volume, anticipated numbers of vehicles to be washed, method of cleaning and choice of detergents.