Further consignment and supply to MoD

While being limited in what we can say and where these units were delivered, Morclean were delighted to win the business to supply a further number of portable jetting units for the MoD

Built with NATO hitches and to the requested colour scheme the bowser mounted high pressure washers were built at Morclean's Chesterfield premises and delivered well within the required lead times

Morclean produce bespoke and specially built units for various applications. The bowsers can be built from 500 Ltrs to 5000 Ltrs and with numerous options of hot or cold pressure washers and jetters

These self contained mobile machines therefore have their own water supply and can be used anywhere, the below examples include jetters for airports, hot water pressure washers with safety cages and tool boxes. 

The optional built in water tanks are generally made from polypropylene and are always baffled to prevent disturbance to the vehicle due to the water movement inside the tank. The water tank provides a reservoir or header tank of water so that the high pressure cleaner or steam cleaner can be used on site without the need for a water supply or tap. 

The high pressure machines are driven by a diesel or petrol engine so that no mains electrical power is required. The steam cleaner or washer is totally independent and can then be used on site to provide hot or cold water anywhere at the turn of a key