EA's PPG13 guidance notes available from Morclean

Morclean publish the EA's  Vehicle washing and cleaning: PPG13  guidance notes on-line for all it's clients. These guidelines are jointly produced by the Environment Agency for England and Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland 

Following this good practice guidance doesn’t remove your responsibility to comply with the law and prevent pollution from your activities.  Causing or allowing pollution is a criminal offence; compliance with this or any guidance isn’t a defence. You should make sure that the references to other sources of guidance are still current; use updated guidance if it exists. 

This guidance covers vehicle washing and cleaning by all methods, including:
•    automatic wash systems
•    washing by hand
•    using high pressure or steam cleaners at all sites including:
•    retail premises
•    business and industrial premises
•    public and private car parks
•    former petrol filling stations

You can contact Morclean if you need further advice. Following this guidance will help you plan and deal with liquid and solid waste, reduce the risk of causing pollution, and, by using water wisely, could save you money. Morclean supply interceptors and provide advice for vehicle washing applications, including wash pads, interceptors and separators

Morclean delivers to your door with their own transportation

We deliver vehicle wash interceptors with our own vehicles

This guidance also applies to washing and cleaning plant, machinery, equipment and boats as the principles are generally the same.  It doesn’t cover household activities but the EA's good practice advice would be to use a  commercial facility (car wash) that re-uses water, or hand wash with a bucketful of water and a sponge without using detergent, traffic film removers, degreasants or other proprietary cleaners.  The EA discourage the use of hose-pipes or high pressure cleaners for car washing at home.