Scrubber dryers sent to specialist food company

Two of our professional ride-on scrubber dryers have recently been sent to a specialist seasoning company. The global company chose the machine for it's versatility and size which enables easy maneuverability between racking.  The company has also purchased a three-phase pressure washer to aid in the cleanliness of the factory.

The company has bought two of the MSD660 models which are made with a heavy-duty polyethylene tank construction. The model features electronic adjustable speed control and forward & reverse traction. 

The company provide a robust blends of herbs, spices, and functional ingredients are designed to enhance flavor, functionality, appearance, and aromatics. Their products are completely customized and they will create traditional or ethnic profiles to meet your specific criteria.

They also offer rubs, marinades, glazes, internal seasonings and much more for use in proteins such as red meat, poultry and seafood.