Litter collector goes to Yorkshire council

When a versatile and powerful machine is needed to pick up an array of litter, the Super 120 Trolley Vac is perfect for the job. The light and effective machine has all the power you need from a robust 4 stoke Honda engine. Although it has a very strong suction capacity the noise has been drastically reduced making it a great choice for use in built up, urbanised areas.

The Yorkshire Council originally enquired about a machine that would be capable of picking up general litter in particular an abundance of  cigarette ends that had been littered.

The Super 120 from Morclean stands on a large, sturdy wheeled base with a normal 120l bin standing on it to collect waste. An injection moulded fan and fan housing increases suction and overall performance. It can vacuum up anything from glass, leaves, cans and bottles to dog faeces and stub ends, which make it a very versatile piece of kit to clean large areas such as holiday parks, large factory settings etc.