Morclean Wash Pads, an Exciting Innovation

Morclean Wash Pads
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Let's start with an interesting fact not everyone will be aware of...

"Pollution of surface waters and groundwater. It is an offence for anyone to cause or knowingly permit: The entry into surface waters or groundwater of solid waste matter, or of poisonous, noxious or polluting matter, or the discharge of trade and sewage effluent into surface waters or groundwater without prior consent from the Environmental Regulator."

So, in short, if your contaminated water is not being collected and disposed of in the appropriate manner, the law is being broken.

Morclean have constructed a whole range of solutions that not only satisfy current legislation for the containment and disposal of water, but also eradicate the need for any excavation or below ground installations. If that wasn't enough, Morclean also offer a bespoke D
esign and Build service, with each produced unit having a unique registration number to ensure identification during construction and quality inspection/ testing.

(Morclean Surface Mounted Wash Pads)
The Morclean fitting team have recently installed a batch of three Wash Pads at one of Europe's leading Used Vehicle sites, with another 4 locations to be installed. The new permanent surface mounted Wash Pad (as pictured) is a sealed bund made from a mixture of welded plastics and fibreglass panels, making a solid, impermeable and dedicated liquid containment area for tough applications.

The Wash Pad is fitted with ramps for vehicle access and is built in sections for transporting and installing efficiency. The Wash Pad is available in 5x3M and 6x4M standard sizes as well as other bespoke dimensions, made to order.

The external gratings are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance, and the Morclean Wash Pad is manufactured at just 100mm height to prevent accidental damage, should the vehicle not enter or exit using the provided ramps.

The Wash Pad captures all the water into a drain and a surface mounted sump pump which can be discharged to foul, partially treated via a Morclean BlueBox or GreyBox, or pumped to a water reclaim system.

The wash mat can also be used in conjunction with the Morclean Pump Station which is a surface mounted device, housed in a kiosk that collects water from the outlet of the Wash Pad and then pumps it to the drain.

A traditional concrete wash area is costly and not always possible to install. The Morclean fixed Wash Pad can be installed in hours, and as it is surface mounted, there is no excavation or disruption to the work place. With added options of the Morclean water reclaim/ filtration systems and three versatile designs, many applications are possible, especially as they can be built to order. 

(Permanent/ Surface Mounted Wash Pad)

(Morclean Inflatable Wash Pad)
Taking only seconds to inflate the water tight floor can be used as an inflatable wash pad, inflatable liquid tight floor, an inflatable water capture system or an inflatable car washing pad.The inflatable wash pad can be supplied with a drain in the corners or as a complete water tight retainer.
 The wash pad is mobile, flexible and fast to set up. The standard inflatable wash pad weighs only 1Kg per square metre and can be easily transported. They are durable, chemical-resistant and can be manufactured on a bespoke basis in various materials. Many applications are possible especially as the wash pad can be custom made.

(Semi Permanent Wash Pad)

Typical installations are 2-3 year periods of use and the Wash Pad can be folded for transportation.

The water-tight floor has been further developed by Morclean alongside our European manufacturer in response to market demand, where an inflatable temporary solution is not the most effective method.
When a car washing or vehicle washing business or company currently produces wastewater in one way or another, it has to be contained and possibly recycled or removed.
The Wash Pads can be supplied to meet your specifications in terms of dimensions, colour, design, etc.

Unlike a traditional concrete structure which takes weeks to construct, the wash pad water capture system is installed quickly and with minimal disturbance to the ground.
The wash pad is supplied with a drain to one end of the pad as standard or can be supplied as a complete water tight retainer.

Morclean Wash Pads
An article composed by 
Clare - Marketing

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