Another shipment to Holland - and more than meets the eye!

So here's an innocent looking pallet, with a fairly standard looking machine strapped on top. However there seemed to be something special about this consignment and I wanted to find out why

So I asked our MD Peter Morley what this was, why, what and where, and it turns out here's what it's all about...

Morclean were approached by De Hoop Shipyard some time ago, and the specification they asked for was a little different. What's basically a wall mounted pressure washer had to be fitted out to a particular spec to meet the criteria set by the shipyard, that included several unique changes to the machine

But what's all the song and dance about? Well this sin't one machine, it's a series of units - a number of them leave our gates every month. De Hoop have over 120 years experience in the shipbuilding industry and were founded in 1889. The ship yard focusses on design and engineering of custom specialist vessels and Morclean are delighted to be involved with this project.

Our MD Peter Morley says... "De Hoop build custom vessels for both inland and seagoing industries, all to specification. It's a niche market that we're proud to be involved in"

Peter Morley went on to say "De Hoops claim is a down to earth approach for niche markets, and that's a philosophy we agree with and certainly advocate too here at Morclean"

So now I know that  these little pallets of machine go some way to fit out the larger vessels that they're operated in and Morclean are therefore delighted to be packing these off every month