WashPad delivered to Morclean HQ before its journey to Bangkok!

WashPad delivered to Morclean HQ before its long journey to Bangkok

The guys here at Morclean have been out in the yard enjoying this week, enjoying the beautiful weather whilst it lasts! Having the gorgeous sun beating down makes unloading big deliveries a lot easier than if it was raining... like it usually is!!

This week, we've had a Morclean WashPad delivered to our headquarters in Chesterfield to make sure it's all perfect before it begins its long journey to Bangkok. 

We've stuck KC next to them for size reference... 

The Morclean WashPad is a solution to heavy-duty environments where a high volume of vehicles needs to be washed. The WashPad is a surface mounted system that collects wastewater when washing vehicles. 

This system is ideal for leasehold or sensitive sites, a multi-story car park, for instance, where ground works are not practical or just not possible. Similarly, we offer Inflatable Vehicle Wash Pad Systems, which are flexible and hardwearing, however, more suited for lighter use and can be easily folded up and transported - e.g car or motorbike shows

The beauty of the Morclean WashPad is that it eradicates the need for any excavation or below ground works, which can be very expensive and a real set back. 

Our WashPad systems, work together in harmony with our partial water treatment systems. The BlueBox boasts two filters, which sieve out particles such as silt, oil, and grease. When connected to the wash pad, an integral pump processes the wastewater collected from the pad and discharges it to foul drain.

Whereas the GreyBox has all the same great features and benefits at the BlueBox but just without the pump. This system is more suited for sites with a foul drain close to the vehicle washing system.  

Our Permanent Vehicle Wash Pads are available in 5x3M and 6x4M as standard, however, Morclean offers a bespoke design and build option, to have your Wash Pad created to your exact requirements.

The Wash Pad comes as standard in black and yellow, however other colours may be available, please ask one of our experienced sales team at the point of order.

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