Lorry Wash Facility Completed in Cheshire

The Morclean team have recently completed an impressive, new lorry wash facility in Nantwich, Cheshire. The wash system comprises of water recycling, silt traps, interceptors and water storage tanks, whilst contained within a purpose-built gantry with screens to allow access to the tops of vehicles when being washed, whilst containing over-spray.

The project has been completed in 3 phases; civil works, steelworks and installing the systems.

Phase 1: Civil Works
To kickstart the exciting project, civil works are carried out to prepare for the installation of the underground tanks. 

The first port of call was marking out the site. This had to be meticulously done to ensure the dimensions are absolutely perfect before pecking out the existing concrete.

Once the concrete had been removed, it was time to excavate for a 6CuM3 Silt Trap and a 10CuM3 Interceptor tank.

In order to make room for the below ground interceptor and silt trap, approximately 100 tonnes of spoil had to be excavated first. Messy business and definitely a job for the diggers.

Once the tanks had been installed with ducting for cabling and pipework, it was time to backfill and form the new concrete base, enveloped to the newly installed silt trap to ensure wastewater runs into the below ground tank.

Phase 2: Steels
With the civil works completed, it was time for phase 2, installation of the steel gantry and walkway fitted with a platform to allow easy access to the tops of the lorries to guarantee the users to reach every single inch of the vehicles when washing.

The steel gantry and walkway then had the sides put up to prevent any overspray when the lorry wash facility is in use.
The water and fuel tanks with housings were then delivered. To complete phase 2, the engineers used draw-wires to pull the cables and pipework through the ducts from phase one. 

The final phase of the impressive project consisted of the installation of 2 hot water jet wash machines, the water recycling system and fitting the hose reels and hoses. Once fitted, it was time to connect the water and power and undergo the commissioning run and tests to ensure the whole system was working seamlessly before handing over. 

Both the Morclean team and the client were extremely happy with how the project came together. All within budget and all on time within the quoted schedules.

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