Morclean Install WashPad at Leading Plumbing Firm

Specially designed and built to order, this fantastic peice of kit has found its permanent home with a market leading plumbing company.

This large Morclean WashPad, built with screens to protect from any overspray is to be used to keep company vehicles sparkling clean. 

The WashPad is a solution to heavy duty environments where a high volume of vehicles needs to be washed. The WashPad is a surface mounted system that collects waste water when washing vehicles.

The beauty of the Morclean WashPad is that it erradicates the need for any excavation or below ground works, which can be very expensive, time-consuming and sometimes impossible! 

Morclean offers interceptor boxes to work hand in hand with the wash pad and process the waste water that is collected. We offer a blue box which hastwo filters to take out particles such as silt, oil and grease. When connected to the wash pad, an integral pump processes the waste water collected from the pad and discharges it to foul drain. 

The permanent surface mounted wash pad is a sealed bund made from a mixture of welded plastic and fibreglass panels, making a solid, impermeable and dedicated liquid containment area for tough applications. It is typically used in heavy duty environments where there is a need to wash higher volumes of vehicles.

This washing system can be build to order, so if you have specific measurements in mind, please get in touch with out experienced sales team who can provide you with further information and pricing. 

You can visit our website at or call us on 01246 471147.