Be a winner with our award winning BinWash range

Morclean’s award winning BinWash range are sturdy, easy to use, self-contained wheelie bin cleaning machines. 

With low running costs and a super quick washing process, these machines are perfect for places such as shopping centres and food outlets, where hygiene is a big priority.

Our Bin Wash machines are built with a fully galvanised heavy gauge steel chassis to ensure a long service life and can carry up to 350 litres of recycled water in the baffled water tank; enough for a full day’s work! 

The effortless bin lifting mechanism aids efficiency at the touch of a button making the job less labour intensive and strenuous for the user.

Morclean bin cleaners also provides operators an economical and professional entry into the lucrative bin cleaning market. All you need is a vehicle capable of towing a small trailer and you are ready to offer a mobile service.

The machines can be statically sited for use in commercial and industrial facilities too and are multi-purpose instruments that can deliver cleaning solutions for driveways, patios, decking and more.

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