3,6 & 8 Stages of Water Filtration

What are the Stages of the Morclean Bin Wash Water Treatment System?

If you’re familiar with the Morclean Bin Wash range, you will know that all of our machines come with a water filtration system. Some of them, like the City and Daily have 3 stages, some like the Custom Plus are fitted with a 6-stage water filtration system and others, like the Custom 40, boast 8 stages!

Morclean have developed a system, which uses additional filtration in a new and innovative way to ensure that bacteria are inhibited in the contaminated water. Instead of using traditional components, and making machines in the same old way, Morclean has taken a fresh look at how to improve what’s available today and to stand out from the crowd.

Morclean’s Managing Director Peter Morley said

“We simply wanted to do things better and we’re determined to remain one step ahead. While we enjoyed success at the major shows, and our competitors tried to compete against such a popular model, we were working hard in the background developing and testing new and innovative ideas”.

3,6 & 8 stages of Water Treatment

1.    The catchment tray takes out large items of debris.
2.    A fine mesh screen filters the water.
3.    The third filter is situated just before the pump.
4.    Water in the holding tank passes through a ‘blue’ washable filter.
5.    Water is filtered through a silver impregnated tube which inhibits the growth of       bacteria.
6.    Water is aerated before it enters the main tank.
7.    The Aeration Nozzle improves the water quality and reduces bacteria
8.    The self-cleaning filter minimises downtime and potential loss of earnings

The water filtration system on our Bin Wash machines, consists of a series of secondary filters which continually condition the water, and these extra filters vastly improve the traditional three stages of filtration.

Water is recirculated through these extra series of filters separately from the traditional three stages so that they eliminate any issues of blockages or the need to stop to clean out filters during the day. The water is also aerated before it enters the main tank.

Instead of filtering the water in the traditional way, the Morclean Bin Wash machines filter the water separately in the fourth and fifth stages with aeration, so that the water quality is continually improving. What’s more, the extra filtering is carried out when the machine is idle. In effect the machine is cleaning its own water when it’s not being used.

First the water flows through the fourth washable filter, where debris and any small particles are removed. Then, more importantly, water flows via the most significant and unique fifth filter which is a device containing media that is actually impregnated with silver, before it is aerated as is returns to the tank.

The FDA21 approved impregnated silver inhibits the growth of bacteria, and because the wash water is being continually conditioned, the water simply gets cleaner and cleaner the more it is recycled.

The two new stages to be added to the process, is the Aeration Nozzle and a Self-cleaning Filter.

The Aeration Nozzle improves water the water quality and reduces bacteria. The nozzle brings water and air in close contact in order to remove dissolved gases such as Carbon Dioxide. We inject air into the water as well as surface aeration when the machine is idling, meaning no extra energy is required, yet the water quality is still being improved.

The Self-cleaning Filter has a simple one step valve to clean and can be cleaned at the road side. This also saves time on maintenance, minimising possible down time and potential loss of earnings. The filter bowl is visible to see, which allows ease of checking the water quality whilst on the job. 

The tank of water is re-filtered while the machine is idle, meaning effectively, the water gets cleaner throughout the day, giving the user clean, recycled water, without having the time-consuming and tedious duty of refilling the water tank.

“By inhibiting the growth of bacteria we’re bringing something totally new and unique to the industry while providing a safer environment for the operator".

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