Another day at Morclean

Here at Morclean there's not really a typical day, but there are days when we're pushed with tight deadlines and lots of boxes to move. Today is no exception as we prepare for the next few weeks

  • This week has seen another shipment to our hub in Holland 
  • A quantity of specialist vacs despatched to the aerospace industry
  • Packing ready for Cleaning Expo Show at Glasgow's SECC
  • Looking forward to receiving our Green Apple award soon!
  • Crating the machine and exhibition gear ready to set up at stand C1 next week
  • Another delighted bin wash customer collects his machine
All in all we're never frighted to show you, and our customers, the 'back room' images where we crate pack and send out goods ready for shows, customers or demos, and we've always underlined the fact that we're a real hands on firm and not just about on-line sales and no substance.

Here's to another busy week next week!