And the winner is... ThermaSteam!

This time last week the Morclean team were busy busy busy chatting with Cleaning Show 2019 go-ers about our brand new ThermaSteam. So let's reflect on the show...

Usually, we bring the BinWash along with us to the show but this year was a little different. This year we brought our new machine, the ThermaSteam, which caught quite a bit of attention due to the mesmerizing video we had playing in the background, showing off exactly what the ThermaSteam can do. 

Monday: Get up and Set up!

Monday was set up day and Ian, Keith and Peter were tasked with the job of pulling the stand together and making it look pretty for the busy days ahead. Getting the TV position just right, meticulously sticking the stand graphics up on the boards and making sure the ThermaSteam was looking its best. It was a hectic day, to say the least, with all the other exhibitors doing the same but everything ran smoothly and the set up was a success with no issues. Hats off to the team at Quartz for their smooth organisation on setup day!

Can you believe that just a day before the show the hall looks like this?!

Tuesday: One Nomination. One Win. 

Day 1 of The Cleaning Show 2019 and the team were ready and raring to go and get stuck in and welcome familiar faces back and introduce ourselves to those who were new to the show! The day was a busy one with lots of interested delegates making their way to our stand to check out what this new piece of equipment was all about. Not only was this show, in particular, an exciting one because we had a new machine but also because that new machine was one of the nominations to win the Innovation Award for the Outdoor Cleaning category...and that's exactly what it did. WE WON! 

The team collecting the Innovation Award for the ThermaSteam

We were told "
The independent panel of judges were blown away by the ThermaSteam.  The feedback was it won miles ahead!", Which as you can imagine, we were ecstatic about! Our service manager, Ian had the honor of collecting the award and getting papped with a big, cheesy grin on his face! A huge well done to all those who were nominated in the category and to the rest of the winners! 

Wednesday: Swap Over Day

So on Wednesday, after doing an absolutely fantastic job of generating a number of solid leads, it was time for Ian to get back to the office and to swap over with Beth. After winning the innovation awards the day before, everyone was feeling motivated and excited to get stuck into day 2. It was Beth's first time at the show so the morning consisted of a pre-show briefing and lots of coffee. Armed with her 'Morclean blue' blazer, she was ready to spread her knowledge of the ThermaSteam to all those who passed her. 

The second day on the stand absolutely flew by, there were so many visitors we could barely keep up! We had some excellent enquiries and it was nice to be able to see lots of friendly faces, both old and new. 
They say time flies when you’re having fun, and before we knew it, it was 5pm – the second day was over. It was then time for a hop, skip and jump back to the hotel, where a lovely fat, tender steak awaited us with a nice glass of red to reward us for our hard work. Cheers!

Thursday: Go Hard and then Go Home! 

This was the last day of the show and everyone was feeling the effects of a busy show. Still, we all had positive vibes and were determined to rack up those lead numbers, and boy did we! Although the morning was a little quiet, visitors soon made their way round to the Morclean stand, where the team wow-ed them with all the fantastic features and benefits of the ThermaSteam, like its incredibly low water consumption rate at 5 litres per minute compared to around 15-20lpm from a traditional pressure washer.  

Another successful year at The Cleaning Show done and dusted! 

After a fantastic morning and afternoon, the number of visitors started to quieten down and everyone was getting ready for that 4pm announcement to allow everyone to start packing the stand away. Even as we were packing the stand up we were still getting interested visitors wanting to learn more about the ThermaSteam! 

It's hard to believe how quickly everything gets packed up. One minute the hall is nice and organised with everyone's stands looking perfect and the next, it's chaos with everyone wanting to get out the door at once, all ready to start their journies back home and collapse into bed after a long and fulfilling week! But aside from that, the breakdown was as smooth as setting up, although it broke Beth's heart a little, ripping down the stand graphics she worked hard on! 

A busy week both at the show and in the office, we were able to generate a fantastic amount of leads which we will be following up over the next few weeks. 

On behalf of Morclean, we would like to thank every single person that visited us at The Cleaning Show to find out more about our ThermaSteam and other products we offer and to the show organisers and Quartz for yet again an enjoyable and smooth sailing show. Also a huge thank you to the team who worked the stand at London's ExCel and those who held the fort back home whilst working incredibly hard sending out relevant information to prospective clients! The Morclean team pulled together and smashed the Cleaning Show once again!
For more information about the ThermaSteam please visit our website at or call our sales team on 01246 471147