League 2 Football Club Order Morclean Back Pack Litter Collector

Morclean are delighted to have sent a Back Pack Litter Collector to a top of the table, league 2 football club this month.

Football matches can be messy business, and that's not just the team rivalry. One of the biggest issues clubs face is the rubbish that is left behind by the match go-ers. Although there are usually bins situated around the grounds, apparently, it's becoming increasingly harder for people to dispose of their rubbish into the provided bins... 

Litter pickers are old news, they're not only time consuming but also difficult to use in hard to reach places, such as under chairs and benches and round bends and picking up bits of smaller rubbish.

The Morclean Back Pack Litter Collecter is ideal for both internal and external cleaning in areas with limited access. This fantastic peice of kit is also perfect for picking up smaller peices of rubbish such as cigarette butts, food and broken glass which can be very dangerous, without the need for the user to touch the rubbish. The backpack vack is also able to pick up hazardous waste such as dog poo. 

This innovative and effective peice of equipment will be used to ensure that the football grounds are kept in tip top condition and litter free after home games. 

With comfort in mind and an unladen weight of only 10Kg, this machine is the ideal solution to cleaning in the most inaccessible areas. Sitting comfortable on the back, with padded straps and a belt to clip around the users’ waist for extra support and comfort, this machine is powered by a low noise 2 stroke engine, which uses 30% less petrol and overall reduces emissions into the atmosphere by 40%.

This BackVac Litter Collector can hold up to 35 litres of rubbish, which is collected through a 5 or 4-inch vac hose (3-inch vac hose for collecting dog faeces) and allows the operator to go literally anywhere to collect rubbish.

Once the BackVac has reached capacity, it’s just as easy to empty as it is to fill. With no fuss or hassle of paper bags required, this machine is great for street cleaning or cleaning areas with a lot of rubbish, that quickly fills the cylinder.

For more information, please visit our website at www.morclean.com or email us at info@morclean.com or you can call on 01246 471147