Popular Shopping Centre Chain Buys Third Morclean BinWash

Morclean have recently sent a BinWash to a popular chain of shopping centres in the UK.

We're delighted to provide our client with their 3rd Morclean BinWash machine. This is set to go to a  third shopping centre location in the West Midlands.

The Custom Plus machine is our best selling machine and customer favourite. With added features and specifications the Bin Wash Custom Plus provides a cost effective solution into the lucrative bin washing market. 

Assembled using a heavy duty galvanised trailer, baffled poly tank and stainless steel catchment tray, the Bin Wash Custom is a petrol powered, compact, sturdy and efficient cleaning machine. 

Our best-selling trailer mounted machine is fitted with a Honda GX engine, 50mm ball hitch, 2200 PSI pump and feature colour co-ordinated blue front covers that stand out from the crowd.

The Custom Plus BinWash comes with a 6-stage water filtration system:

  1. The catchment tray takes out larger items of debris
  2. A fine mesh screen [80 mesh/177 microns] filters the water
  3. The third filter [20 mesh/871 microns] is situated just before the pump
  4. Water in the holding tank passes through a ‘blue’ washable filter [100 micron nylon mesh]
  5. Finally water is filtered through a silver impregnated tube which inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  1. Water is aerated before it enters the main tank.

The tank of water is re-filtered while the machine is idling. In effect the water gets cleaner and cleaner throughout the day.

For more information on our BinWash machines, please get in touch with our friendly sales team on 0800 1300 402 or email us at info@morclean.com