Choo Choo! Next stop: London

Morclean were happy to load up and deliver 5 of our fantastic ThermaFlow Static systems to a London train depot, perfect for cleaning the underside of those train carriages. 

Morclean's own Keith and Dave loading up the ThermaFlow machines
This was our second installation at this Depot and we were delighted to be back with more of our brilliant machines. 
Steady now Keith... A little to the left 

The ThermaFlow system is fully electric, this means, no diesel, no fumes, no emissions, no fuss! It is also totally unique to Morclean. Unlike traditional hot water pressure washers with pre-heat boilers, the ThermaFlow system is able to heat water up to 80°c on demand, thanks to post-pump heaters.

We saw that when pre-heating the water before pumping, a lot of hot water and energy was being wasted. Our solution to this was to heat the water after it had been pumped, in thermal tubes, giving you a constant, instant flow of hot water without temperature fluctuations or heat loss.

Not only is this more convenient for the user, but also extends the life span of the machine as only cold water is running through the pumps, minimising wear and tear.

The ThermaFlow system is also ideal for businesses in transport, motor trade, or food industries where high pressure, fume free cleaning is required.

For more information on our ThermaFlow systems, please get in touch with our experienced sales team on 0800 1300 402 or visit our website at