USA BinWash machine undergoes further development

As with any product we develop here at Morclean, producing purpose-built and high quality equipment takes it's time and isn't done in a hurry. We put a tremendous amount of effort into research and development to make sure products we make are innovative.

The model that is taking our main focus at the moment is the purpose-built bin wash we are building for the US market,which dominates our existing range both in structure and size. With trash cans being bigger and heavier in the USA, a machine that offers higher spec is a necessity and we’ve been working diligently to create a machine suitable for the US market. The outcome of this is the production of the TR200 Trash Can Cleaning Machine.

A couple of weeks ago we posted about the initial frame that had been developed to give you an idea of how big the model was going to be. At over 15ft long, this is definitely our most ambitious bin wash model yet!

The latest development shows the frame building upwards with a more distinguished platform and additional spare tyre. It is definitely starting to take shape- watch this space!