Specialist product training to large beer brewery

Our sales and training specialist, Keith Clark, has this week gone to the second largest brewing and canning company in the UK. We recently supplied the company with a VP3600 vapour steam cleaner for use in their canning plant and for the general cleanliness of the factory.

Compact, maneuverable and very powerful, the VP3600 has become the best seller of our range. The powerful vacuum cleaner and steam,, super-heated to 180 degrees C and delivered at 8 bar pressure, makes this the ultimate super cleaner. The VP3600 enables either simultaneous or independent use of the industrial strength vacuum or the super-heated steam facility.

A feature allowing the addition of mild detergents to the dry steam as it is released from the cleaning head is also available with the VP3600. This is a tough machine for the toughest cleaning jobs.

Keith delivered training to five trainers at the company's premises in Burton-Upon-Trent which included a demonstration of the machine and how to refill and maintain the system.

Morclean are able to supply a range of specialist equipment for different uses and applications. Get in touch with the team if you have any specifics requirements.