Custom Plus Bin Wash Machine on it's way overseas

Custom Plus Bin Wash machine latest delivery

In the latest Bin Wash machine news our Custom Plus model is on it's way to Dundalk, County Louth.
Collected this afternoon the machine was loaded on to a lorry ready for it's journey across the sea to it's new home in Ireland. From the company's initial enquiry we managed to do a turnaround of 2 weeks for production and then an additional 3 weeks for the machine to be collected with the customer's chosen courier.
We regularly send our Bin Wash machines across the world and pride ourselves on offering a fast turnaround. Previous deliveries have included America and Amsterdam in which we can offer a full crating and pallet service.

The Custom Plus Bin Wash machine is the only model on the market to feature 6 levels of water treatment and inline filters that proactively work to reduce the bacteria that builds up in the water tank. Most generic bin wash machines require the daily refilling of the tank so that the water is fresh for application. However the Custom Plus works to filter the existing water and remove bacteria, enabling the water to be used for a longer period of time and give a more thorough clean.
The Custom Plus Machine is a part of the wider Bin Wash range on offer at Morclean. The full range can be viewed here .
As usual, any questions or enquiries don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


  1. Wow amazing machine! How many litters of water at a time clean?

    1. Hi Izetta,

      The machine itself has a 350 litre tank, the water is continuously recycled and goes through 6 stages of treatment. There is more information about the machine here:

      Any questions, please ask!

      Kind regards,
      Claire (Marketing)


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