A Rubbish Epidemic: Morclean Machines Tackle Litter Worldwide

Unsustainable production, consumption patterns, poor waste management strategies and lack of awareness, appear to be the primary causes for rubbish epidemic, according to recent studies. 

With 14 million tons of litter collected from the streets across Europe every year and a further 6.4 million tons of litter ending up in the oceans, litter build up and disposal is fast becoming one of the biggest threats of the future. 
The European Litter Prevention Association (ELPA) are working on various schemes and established activities and partnerships with the aim of achieving a litter-free Europe by 2030

One associated partnership, The Helping Hands Environmental, have joined up with ELPA to offer support for Europe-wide clean-up activities and to also help research the varying approaches and attitudes towards street cleansing and littering in Europe. 

In some countries, litter is still collected by hand, environmental and educational policies simply do not exist to provide any legislation or leadership around the littering issue. 
However, other countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark, take great pride in their street cleansing, issuing respectable uniforms and investing in high tech machines to remove litter and wash the streets. 
It is reported that many of these kind of street cleansing agents stay in their jobs for 20 years or more, some very happy cleaning staff!

Backpack Vac for vaccuming litter in street

This week, we've sent out two vacuum powered back pack litter pickers, the Morclean BackVac
One going as far as Saudi Arabia, and the other to a local stadium, a cost effective solution to the collection and disposal of litter. 

The Morclean BackVac backpack vacuum cleaner opens up a new concept in the way you collect litter or contaminated materials. This backpack type vac is the ideal solution to cleaning in the most inaccessible areas. Powered by a new concept of low noise, 4 stroke Honda engine and weighing only 10kg (when empty), this versatile machine allows the operator to go literally anywhere and collect rubbish, holding up to 35 litres of litter. 

A demo video shows the ease and effectiveness of using these machines, 
and at a very reasonable cost, offers a proven solution in helping achieve a 
litter free Europe by 2030.  

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Clare Gaffoor
Morclean Marketing