Spring Cleaning in January?

January is always an odd month. You come back after Christmas, everyone's got those 'January Blues' and things don't pick up til the end of the month... not here at Morclean though!

January isn't usually a month associated with the dreaded spring cleaning, but sales of our litter vacuum and dog feces collector have been on fire in the first half of January.

Here's a little breakdown of where our litter collectors and feces collectors have gone;

- There's been a Dog Feces backpack - the 35l backpack vacuum, found here - to Glasgow which means the streets of Glasgow will hopefully be a little cleaner from now on! 

- We've sent a 120l 'Super' Trolley Vac to Belfast for council cleaning duties/street cleaning. You can find more information about our trolley vacs here.

-We've also sent another 'Super' Trolley vac, this time the 240l version litter collector to Derry.

So there you have it, hopefully the streets of Derry, Belfast and Glasgow are going to be a little cleaner in the future with the help of the Morclean litter and dog mess collectors.

Check out our videos below for demonstrations of the machines!