How Often Do You Clean Your Car?

How often do you clean your car? If you're anything like myself, the answer would be not very often, but did you know that in a recent survey 26% of Brits admitted to NEVER cleaning their car!?

Even more surprisingly, out of the 26%, nearly 60% were male!

There's really no excuse (myself included) for not giving the car a good clean inside and out, especially at this time of year with all the grit and salt on the road. And if you run or own a Car Cleaning Business, you should be rubbing your hands at these stats... there's still 26% of the market you haven't tapped into...

Morclean specialise in a whole range of car cleaning and valeting equipment for the industry, from small, industrial wet and dry vacuums, all the way up to single brush vehicle wash machines and further up to big installation wash bays.

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Statistics courtesy of intelligent car leasing.