Air Pollution Sweeps the Nation

I don't know about any of you, but the past couple of mornings my car has been COVERED in the remains of sand... it looks like I've been driving around dirt tracks for a few weeks - no, I've not taken up dirt track racing. The pollution in the air is making the drives to work in a morning hazardous; air laden with thick, dusty smog makes conditions pretty awful. 

According to the news (and I did think this was an April Fools joke at first) the smog is down to the Sahara desert... yep, that big sandy thing in the middle of Africa! It would certainly explain the sandy dust my car is covered in. The dust and sand is being blown over from the Sahara and is causing ciaos around the country. 

Now, obviously we are an industrial cleaning company so how does this relate to us? Well, we think we've probably got the solution to your car cleaning worries - and in this weather, your car will need a LOT of cleaning! It's quick, it's easy, requires no bucket and spade.. I mean bucket and sponge, and it uses very little water. Say hello to the Vapour Steam 350X from Morclean!

This machine will clean off even the toughest of mud and can be used on all areas of your car or vehicle. It will not affect the paint so can be used to clean the main body, under the bonnet, alloys, wheels and even the interior for valeting purposes. 

So don't make a task out of cleaning your car. Scrap the bucket and sponge, annoying tangled hosepipe and achy arms and just do everything with one easy machine! After all, it looks like this weather is set to stay for a while!