"Coo Coo Cachoo the Bin Wash sails over the Big Old Blue"

If you've got kids or are a big kid yourself, you'll probably notice the Finding Nemo reference in the title. And there's a good reason for that. Our Bin Wash machine is making its way over the several seas and oceans it needs to, to arrive in ... AUSTRALIA!

The Bin Wash is working its way over 9,500 miles to Oz
The Custom wheelie bin wash machine is on it's on its way to its new owner ... (no not P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney) and as we speak is making the mammoth journey, sailing over 9,500 miles, to its new home down under. The Morclean Custom beat off some tough competition to find its new home in Oz, where we hope it will be very happy cleaning bins in the stifling heat... we're not jealous at all!

Maybe one of us could fit in the crate with it? Now there's an idea!
You can find out more information on  our website about the full Morclean wheelie bin wash range; if you would like to speak to someone about a specific machine or would like further information, please call 0800 1300 402 or email info@morclean.com


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