28 Years Young

There is nothing remarkable about Morclean having a hot water steam cleaner in for a repair and service, it's a daily event that our engineers are well accustomed to. 

However this particular machine was a bit more special than usual - it was actually twenty-eight years old and still going strong! 

Our loyal customer bought this machine from us all those years ago and comes back to us periodically just for a service and to see if anything needs fixing. It's not the only machine they have had from us either, so we are doing something right to keep them coming back to us! Our Director Peter Morley can remember going to visit the customer years ago to service another machine. 

It is working at full pressure as if it was new; and does the jobs it was originally bought for in 1984! Morclean are still able to stock the parts and fix the machine whenever required. All of our engineers are trained on all kinds of machines, so even a rare old machine is expertly repaired on site. 

It was originally sold brand new in 1984, and has had regular servicing, which shows that when you look after your machines properly, it dramatically improves their life span. To reach the ripe old age of 28 just shows how quality builds can last and last!

This Steam Cleaner was in fact a top end model, more expensive than others - but when you look at cost over time, it has won outright as the best value and best machine to purchase.  It's definitely something to ponder when purchasing a machine - a cheaper one could break or run down quicker so you have to fork out for yet another cheaper one - (and another after that!) - but when you buy the best, it could last a lifetime! 

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