Overview of our New Wheelie Bin Range

Happy New Year to You!

2013 is shaping up to be a great year already. We have a brand new range of Wheelie Bin Wash Machines available to customers NOW - so here is a little bit about them! I will go into more detail with each machine after this Overview post. 

Following the success of our pioneering model in 2012, we have launched a diverse range of machines to suit customer’s individual needs.

Morclean have realised that we can build the same robust machines, complete with a heavy duty pump and quality steel frames, but at a much more affordable price. We have come up with ways of cutting down on the price to build, and the saving goes straight to you, the customer! Some of the external plastics have been removed from the versions to reduce manufacturing costs. Same fantastic machine for a more affordable price.

Below is a video of our original machine. Our new range will be similar in terms of functionality  but the options are there for you to cater the machine to your personal needs. 

We have managed to take our range of bowsers and trailer jet washers, and use these with the different versions of our bin wash machine. Morclean have years of knowledge in building water tanks and trailers, so our products are expertly built to the highest standard of quality and durability. Again, our customers are getting the utmost quality even faster than before, as lead times and costs are cut dramatically.

New engines have been introduced to our full range of Bin Wash machines, including Honda, allowing our customers the wide range of specifications and prices. YOU can chose which power and engine you would like your machine to have, and we will make it for you. The options are unbelievably flexible; you can even have our brand new Bin Wash Skid version for fitting on your own trailer. We also have a version of our machine that is suitable to handle salty, gritty or dirty water and is equipped with a heavy-duty pump.

Our new Wheelie Bin Wash range allows the customer much more freedom to choose exactly what they would like from the machine, and at a more than reasonable price.

Here at Morclean, we like to work closely with our customers to ensure they acquire exactly what they had in mind, at a fantastic price.

Wheelie Bin Wash Range

Morclean’s comprehensive range wheelie bin cleaners are robust and efficient, fitted with an automated bin lift for ease, and contain filters that recycle the used water.

They are mostly trailer mounted systems, but we do offer a Static version for fixed use on site, and also a Skid version that can be used on your own existing trailer or vehicle. Superbly designed and engineered, these machines are practical and easy to use. All versions utilise a moulded poly tank, baffled for rigidity and safety, plus stainless steel pre-filters and self-contained water recycle facility.

To use the machines, it couldn’t be simpler! Roll the wheelie bin and place next to the lifting mechanism at the rear of the machine. The press of a single button lifts the wheelie bin, then with the heavy-duty high-pressure jet wash, simply spray into the bin. As the bin in elevated, all the remnants, dirt and grime easily falls out of the bin with the pressure of the water. All of the waste waster flows out of the bin, and collects into a catchment tray. This is triple filtered into the water tank, and is ready to be used again throughout the day! You can do a whole days work on just one tank of water. So simple, quick and easy, there has never been a smarter way to clean wheelie bins.

All you need to use a trailer mounted Wheelie Bin Wash is a vehicle capable of towing 800kg (weight when full) with a standard 50mm ball hitch and 2 electric trailer sockets, similar to a caravan twin socket (one for the trailer lights and one for the power).

Also, of course, the heavy duty pressure which can be used for a variety of other things as an added bonus. Pathways, drives, decking etc can all be made to look like new with our quality jet wash.

Trailer and Skid models have their own battery, and these are charged by the vehicle from the socket. If no socket is available (eg, when using temporary vehicle) the machine can run off the battery for up to one week. The engine driven models have a standard petrol tank, which, when filled, can also last up to one week, even when cleaning 100 bins a day.  The Static Bin Wash machine uses an electrically operated 110v motor and low voltage controls for safety.

Below you can see an overview of the machines features.

Get in touch with us at Morclean if you are interested! info@morclean or give us a bell on 0800 1300 402.

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