"To Iceland, and beyond!"

Seeing as though my last Disney/Pixar reference went down so well with you all, I thought I'd do another little play on words for you!

That's right, not only are Morclean Bin wash's hitting the shores of Oz as we speak, but we've also got one of our bin wash's on its way to Iceland - brrrrr! The bin wash's are invading all corners of the globe at the moment...

bin wash machine cleaning cleaner washer iceland europe
Morclean Bin Wash machine is on its way to Iceland
We're also very pleased to announce that we now have official Morclean BinWash dealers in Poland and The Netherlands as well as Jersey and obviously the UK. You can find out further information about our official dealers on our website. 

So it's all onwards and upwards or 'to infinity and beyond' for our Morclean BinWash machines... I wonder where one will land next!?


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