Thursday, 6 October 2016

Airvac machines head up North

Last week we were confronted by a Whiskey distillery in Scotland that needed a vacuum capable of picking up droplets of liquid. Baring in mind that the liquid in question is quite a high percentage of alcohol, we used our expertise to recommend the Wet/Dry Air Vac.

Operating on air and suitable for sucking up water quickly and effectively, the Air Vac fulfills the Distillery's need and they placed an initial order of three.

A week later they have placed another order with us- obviously an impressed customer! 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Morclean provide drainage solution to cider factory

Morclean Interceptor Heads to Cider Factory

Morclean were confronted by a Cider Factory in Hereford with the vision of installing equipment to help their drainage systems, in particular a system which would collect an excessive amount of waste water should a major leak occur.

During normal operations the daily amount of waste water from the cider process is relatively small, comprising of excess water from washing down storage vats and equipment. Although a major leak had never occurred, they wanted to make a provision in their design for handling such an occurrence.

To limit the outflow and control the spillage we suggested installing an interceptor tank with pumps and a control panel. This was designed with our specialist experience and solved the problem originally faced at the factory.  

The 10,000 litre tank getting prepared for transit by Keith.

The control panel designed for the project. 

Morclean has extensive experience of designing and supplying interceptor tanks and systems. For any further information or queries, please contact us at or call us on 01246 471147.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Morclean wins awards for Environment Best Practice

We're proud to say we've done it again and have successfully won two awards in this year's upcoming Green Apple Awards. Morclean have won not one, but two, categories in the international awards for Environmental Best Practice. The two products to scoop up the awards include the Loflow Cleaning System and the Washpad water treatment system.  These products have been recognised for contributing to more sustainable systems and endorsing products that are cleaner for the environment.

The prestigious presentation ceremony is to be held at the Houses of Parliament on November 11th,where we will be presented with our awards and will be able to network with other like-minded companies who realise the importance of helping the environment.

Morclean's current selection of trophies 

About the Green Apple Awards

The Green Apple Environment Awards were established in 1994 as an annual campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world.
The Green Apple Awards scheme was one of the first to be accredited by the RSA as an official feeder scheme into the European Business Awards for the Environment,
and is still one of only a handful of accredited campaigns.
Previous Green Apple Award winners have gone on to win European awards, and many have taken on the status of International Green Hero by helping others around
the world to help the environment.

Peter at last year's Green Apple Awards 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Matlock and Dales CAMRA Beer Festival 2016

We are proud to yet again be supporting local businesses at the upcoming Matlock & Dales CAMRA Beer Festival, due to take place at the Matlock County Hall October 21st & 22nd.

Morclean like to support all local businesses and look forward to joining the community for what we're sure will be a fantastic event.

For more information please visit:

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Morclean's Latest BinWash is en route to Amsterdam

The latest Morclean BinWash machine with 6 levels of water treatment has been shipped to one of our dealers, AT Cleaning Systems, in Amsterdam.

On Friday we loaded the machine on to the lorry ready for it's journey to the Netherlands, with our handyman Keith on hand to help load it, and Peter manning the forklift truck.

 The BinWash machine is due to land in Amsterdam today.

Friday, 8 July 2016

‘Morclean are going for gold - but they’re going to be winning with silver’

Most bin wash machines on the market today (previously including Morclean models) have 3 basic stages of filtration which are based on a micron level of fine mesh using industry standard gauze type filters.

The water is filtered sufficiently to be perfectly good enough to be re-used throughout the day, but the water isn’t particularly clean given that the operators are washing out contaminated waste bins.

If a finer micron filter is used they tend to ‘blind’ (which basically means block) and so filters with large enough holes tend to be used so that water can be re-used all day without blocking.

However Morclean have recognised bacteria will build up in the system and the overspray of atomised water from the jet washing activity will contain airborne bacteria. It can be assumed the bacteria would build up and increase and grow during the day.

The new Morclean system- How it works

Morclean have been developing a new system where we use additional filtration in a new and innovative way to ensure that we inhibit bacteria in the contaminated water.

Instead of using traditional components, and making machines in the same old way, Morclean have taken a fresh look at how to improve what’s available today and to stand out from the crowd.

Morclean are confident that this is a brand new and exciting development, and a first in the bin washing industry.  Morclean have Registered the IP for the Design of this system which has been configured to process the waste water throughout the day.

From 1st July  2016 all mainstream  Morclean bin wash models, including the best-selling bin wash ‘Custom Plus’  (as seen at the new Manchester Cleaning Show) will now have 6 stages of filtration.

The new 6 stage filtration system will also be fitted to the multi- award winning bin wash CITY, which we recently exhibited at ISSA Interclean in Amsterdam, as well as the STATIC machine.

Morclean’s MD Peter Morley says;
 “We simply wanted to do things better and we’re determined to remain  one step ahead”


“While we enjoyed success at the major shows, and our competitors tried to compete against such a popular model, we were working hard in the background developing and testing new and innovative ideas”

The new filtration system consists of a series of secondary filters which continually condition the water, and these extra 2 filters vastly improve the traditional 3 stages of filtration.

Water is recirculated through these extra 2 series of filters separately from the traditional 3 stages so that they eliminate any issues of blockages or the need to stop to clean out filters during the day. Finally the water is also aerated before it enters the main tank

Instead of filtering the water in in the traditional way, Morclean are filtering the water separately in the 4th and 5th stages with added aeration so that the water quality is continually improving. What’s more - the extra filtering is carried out when the machine is idle. In effect the machine is cleaning its own water when it’s idle and not being used.

First the water flows through the 4th washable filter where debris and any small particles are removed. Then, more importantly, water flows via the most significant and unique 5th filter which is a device containing media that is actually impregnated with silver before it is aerated (6th level of treatment) as it returns to the main water tank.

The FDA21 approved impregnated silver inhibits the growth of bacteria, and because the wash water is being continually conditioned, the water simply gets cleaner and cleaner the more it is recycled. The filter and the media within it are FDA21 approved.

Morclean are confident that the new and innovative 6 stage system is new to the market, and they firmly believe it is the only Bin Wash machine on the market to filter the water so efficiently. It’s the only Bin Wash machine with 6 stages of filtration (not 3) the only machine designed to inhibit bacterial growth, and a first in the industry.

Peter Morley went on to say;
No other bin wash machine on the market that we know of has these 6 stages of filtration, and we felt so passionate about the new filtration system that we applied to register the design to protect our IP”

And Peter said…
“By inhibiting the growth of bacteria we’re bringing something totally new and unique to the industry while providing a safer environment for the operator”

Morclean have been continually developing their series of bin wash machines so that we remain ahead of the competition. They are confident in making the claim that this is the Best trailer mounted bin wash machine on the market, and the UK’s most popular and best-selling bin washing machine.

Monday, 4 July 2016

New range added to the Water Technology List

Businesses can save money with new water-saving products 

Morclean Ltd today announced that its product, a range of Vehicle Wash Water Recycling Systems, has been accepted onto the Water Technology List having successfully met the criteria to enable Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) claims.

The Water Technology List, managed by Ricardo-AEA on behalf of Defra and HM Revenue and Customs, will help businesses save money in the short and long-term by encouraging them to invest in technologies and products that reduce water use and improve water quality.

Water savings are a key area for all businesses. Manufacturing companies can easily save between 30% and 50% of water and wastewater costs through inexpensive changes to their working practices.

Richard Malloy, Ricardo-AEA water specialist, said, “The Water Technology List is making it easy for businesses to make important decisions to improve their water use and water quality and save money at the same time. Businesses will benefit in the long-term through reduced water costs and improved water efficiency and in the short-term by claiming an Enhanced Capital Allowance.”

“Morclean is one of the product and technology manufacturers leading the industry forward. One of the objectives of offering the ECA is to encourage innovation and to encourage companies such as [Company Ltd] to come up with new technologies to improve water use and water quality.”

Morclean’s product falls into the category on the Water Technology List of full or partial water reclaim systems.

The systems to receive the WTL seal of approval include:
  • Morclean AQUA HD30
  • Morclean HYDRA HD35
  • Morclean ASTRA IT/51
  • Morclean COMPACT SJ20
  • Morclean PRIME KU50

 The Water Technology List currently has 15 qualifying technologies, which may be reviewed on an annual basis and new technologies can be added in future years:

  • Cleaning in place equipment
  • Efficient showers
  • Efficient taps
  • Efficient toilets
  • Efficient washing machines
  • Flow controllers
  • Greywater recovery and reuse equipment
  • Leakage detection equipment
  • Meters and monitoring equipment
  • Rainwater harvesting equipment
  • Small-scale slurry and sludge dewatering equipment
  • Vehicle wash water reclaim units
  • Water efficient industrial cleaning equipment
  • Water management equipment for mechanical seals
  • Water re-use
Find out more about or WTL Approved range here